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About DeepAI

DeepCORE is our flagship generative artificial intelligence model developed by Generative Solutions. It is a high-end AI model that excels in creating various forms of content, including text, video, images, and more. Similar to renowned models like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Bard, DeepCORE leverages cutting-edge techniques to generate text or images based on user prompts or dialogue.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already revolutionizing the way we produce, search and write online content. DeepAI has developed a powerful language model (similar to Google’s Pegasus, BERT, BART, GPT-3, etc). Called in the following DeepCORE.

The DeepCORE model is used by DeepAI to offer services, products and systems for processing and creating content for individuals and businesses, here we quote:

  • Smart search.
  • Translation.
  • Text summary.
    • Summary TL;DR.
    • Summary of languages texts.
    • Summary of exchanges/dialogues/meetings.
    • Summary for a specific age group (example summary for a 6 year old)
    • Explain lines of code in text.
  • Content creation.
    • Editorial.
    • Text completion.
    • Generation of Questions/Answers.
    • Product description.
    • Advertising texts.
    • Writing emails.
    • Chat bots.
    • Write according to specific writing styles.
    • Write stories/novels.
    • Generate scripts for videos.
    • Write poems.
    • Generate job interview questions by field.
    • Generate creative names (companies, products, etc)
  • Correct grammar.
  • Write lines of code (programming).
  • Classification
    • Category
    • Sentiment
  • Extract structured data from plain text.
    • Extract names and salaries from the text
    • Convert text language to table.
    • Extract essential data from an email.
    • Extract keywords from a text.

What is DeepCORE?

DeepCORE is a Deep Learning model composed of algorithms that can recognize patterns in data and can also learn through examples. As such, it is considered an artificial neural network with long-term memory.

It evaluates and processes all the data it receives in order to fill information gaps.

DeepCORE is able to generate entire texts by starting with a single sentence and then completing the rest of the writing. To do this, it processes billions of parameters.

The model can translate texts into other languages and adapt them to different writing styles, such as newspaper articles, fiction novels, etc. It can also write poetry or give us the best answer to any question we ask. It can also write poetry or give us the best answer to any question we ask.

In short, DeepCORE can adapt to anything structured as a language: it can answer questions, write essays, summarize long texts, translate, take notes and even write computer code.

Thanks to recent state-of-the-art NLP models based on transformers, zero-shot learning has gained much popularity in the NLP world. The idea is that a model can now recognize certain classes, even if it has not been trained to do so.

This is what human beings do naturally. For example, if your child knows what a camel is, just tell him that there is another animal called a dromedary, which is very similar to a camel, except that it has 1 hump on its back instead of 2! The next time your child sees a picture of a camel, he or she will know what it is even though it’s the first time they’ve seen one.

If the DeepCORE model does not know a piece of information, it is able to learn it from the user. This technique (Zero Shot, Few shots). 


In this example, DeepCORE is not dragged on the Covid disease. We used the few shot technique to teach it the concept of covid. Following the given description, the model learned some basic notions about covid, “associated” them with its existing knowledge (i.e. SARS disease) and developed the content.

Semantic Search

Information is power. With DeepAI Search technology, you can find critical answers and insights from your business data using a simple interface that delivers relevant information wherever customers, employees or partners look for it.

  • Saves time. Banks were able to automate knowledge discovery to complete ten days worth of work in two minutes.
  • Saves money. An energy client has saved upwards of USD 10 million worth of time by cutting down on time spent searching for relevant information inside their enterprise knowledge bases.
  • Reduces workload. An insurance client reduced reading and analyzing of internal enterprise data workload by 90%. 
  • Drives revenue. Law firms use search applications to improve business processes and become four times more productive, generating revenue increases of as much as 30%. 



/ Reveal unseen insights in your data

Makes it possible to rapidly surface unseen and actionable insights hidden in unstructured data with features powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.


/ Delivers passages as answers

Traditional enterprise search engines perform keyword searches and provide end-users with links to documents. But with DeepAI Search, you’ll get specific passages that possess the relevant information and its source documents using semantic search. The design of this platform ensures that all the information you need is easily accessible.


/ Offers NLP enrichments

DeepAI Search’s out-of-the-box NLP enrichments include entity extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extractions, category classification, concept tagging, and more.


/ For ANY industry

We create a custom dictionary, inclusive of synonyms, to help DeepAI Search find and learn terms that hold meaning for your workflows. You can also add a Patterns resource that teaches the platform to recognize patterns in your data and suggests more rules for your review.

Writing & Content

Deep AI is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost! Deep AI is Instantly Generate High Quality Copy

Deep AI is is an AI powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business. Deep AI Content Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality, unique content based on keywords or phrases entered by a user.

  • Write high-quality content that’s 100% original and SEO optimized.
  • Finish your first draft 5X faster in DeepAI  Docs
  • Speed up your content pipeline by writing 80% by DeepAI and 20% edited by you.
  • Create original content that ranks for SEO
  • Original content that’s 100% plagiarism-free
  • Command the AI to write what you want
  • Tell the AI exactly what you want written… then like magic, watch it happen.
  • Higher quality outputs with better context
  • DeepAI reads your past 13,000 characters every time before writing for better context.
  • Grammarly included for mistake-free writing.
  • Improve your grammar and fix spelling mistakes in your docs by activating Grammarly.
  • Write blog posts, stories, and even books with
  • Command Mode unlocks Documents – the fastest way to write long-form content that’s original and plagiarism free.
  • Build content fast by using multiple copywriting skills in one document.
  • Easily switch between DeepAI’s 50+ copywriting skills such as the blog introduction and storyteller to build the perfect piece of content in just a few minutes.
  • Keep your team organized with folders for your clients and multiple projects
  • When you write a lot of content, staying organized is key. Now it’s easy for you and your team to switch between different projects and manage multiple clients.
  • Optimize content to rank for valuable keywords 
  • Write and translate to unlimited languages . Want to write your blog posts in perfect American English? Have customers in multiple countries?
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