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DeepChat — Your Personalized AI Solution

DeepChat offers revolutionary, personalized AI solutions designed to cater to your unique informational needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology, DeepChat allows you to create your chatbots trained specifically with your data, enabling highly relevant and contextual interactions. Whether you need quick answers, detailed summaries, or comprehensive analyses, DeepChat is here to assist you every step of the way.


Custom Data Integration

— Upload Your Data: Easily feed your chatbot with custom data, supporting a myriad of file types such as PDF, DOC, and more.
— Website Content Scanner: Automatically scan and integrate content from any website to enrich your chatbot’s knowledge base.

Interactive Engagement

— Ask Anything: Interact freely with the chatbot, posing questions, requesting summaries, and demanding analyses and reports.
— Personalized Responses: Receive answers meticulously tailored to your queries, providing insights aligned with your uploaded data.

Efficient Information Retrieval

— Swift Answers: Obtain relevant and precise answers in seconds, backed by references to the source data.
— Source Reference: Every response is coupled with associated reference links, ensuring transparency and traceability.

User-Friendly Interface

— Easy Embedding: Integrate DeepChat as a widget on your website to offer seamless support and information to your users.
— Offline Consultation: Export chat interactions as a file, allowing for convenient consultation without the need for internet connectivity.

1. Setup & Integration

Upload your custom data files or sync website content. Integrate the chatbot on your platform or use it standalone.

2. Interaction & Engagement

Pose any questions or requests to the chatbot. Receive instant, personalized responses with source references.

3. Analysis & Export

Analyze the retrieved information for insights. Export the chat for offline consultation and further analysis.

Why DeepChat

  • Enhanced Productivity: Quickly find information and generate insights, reducing the time spent on manual data sifting.
  • Improved User Experience: Provide your users with immediate, accurate, and relevant information, elevating their experience on your platform.
  • Optimized Knowledge Sharing: Leverage custom data to educate and inform your chatbot, facilitating optimal knowledge dissemination.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: Whether you need quick answers or deep insights, DeepChat adapts and scales to meet your varying requirements.

DeepChat propels you into the future of personalized information retrieval, allowing you to interact, learn, and grow in unprecedented ways. Create your custom AI chatbot with DeepChat and experience the revolution in information interaction!